Non-Resident Tuition Program Overview

Linwood Public Schools welcome non-resident students in grade 1 – 8 who value academic excellence, commitment to character education and building leadership skills. Openings in the district's  programs are available on a limited basis to preserve Linwood’s high quality of instruction. Prospective students must apply with records indicating academic success.

Linwood’s reputation as a high achieving district is supported by the recognition earned in 2011 for the Belhaven Middle School as a New Jersey School to Watch and redesignated in 2018 and by Seaview Elementary School as a NCLB Blue Ribbon School in 2008. These are two of the highest honors bestowed upon schools. 

What does Linwood offer?
Students may find a spot on one of our many successful athletic teams or participate in co-curricular activities ranging from quality music and drama programs to competitive intellectual clubs to numerous service organizations.

For information on rates, please contact our Business Office directly at 609-926-6707. 

Applying for Admission
For residents outside the school district, attending one of the Linwood Public Schools starts with submission of an application along with past report cards and standardized test scores.
Questions about the Tuition Program for grades 1-8 can be directed to Patricia Swanson,  School Business Administrator, Linwood Public Schools, 609-926-6707.