Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to the Linwood Public School District!  We are proud of our Linwood Schools’ community and the success of our students, staff, and District.  Our Seaview Elementary School and our Belhaven Middle School provide an engaging, positive and productive atmosphere for children to learn and staff to facilitate educational experiences for children.  Our District is driven to support well-rounded student development through challenging academic programming and co-curricular activities.  We also support our Seaview Dolphins and Belhaven Falcons with social and emotional growth activities with a focus on student wellness.  We look to nurture and build the foundation for student success in school and beyond.    

As our Mission Statement declares, the educational direction of the Linwood School District lends itself to celebrate the journey of life-long learning, and empowers children to emerge as educated, responsible, compassionate citizens of the world.  We strive to assist students in  developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become perceptive, culturally aware, community-focused citizens of a globally-connected society.

The Linwood Public School District is recognized as a high-performing school District by the New Jersey Department of Education and both schools have been recognized by US News and World Report as Best Schools in their category.  Although we are grateful for these recognitions, we are most proud of the work of our students, staff, administration, Board of Education, and entire school community that makes Linwood a special place to live and learn each day.

Brian M. Pruitt

Superintendent of Schools

Brian M. Pruitt, Superintendent
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MaryKate Pellegrino, Assistant to the Superintendent
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